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Laminated and Toughened Safety Glass Supplier and Installation in London

Toughened Safety Glass

Toughened glass is five times stronger than ordinary glass. It starts off as ordinary glass and is then put through an oven process to make it toughened. If broken, the glass shatters into hundreds of small particles. Because of the processing it goes through it needs to be ordered, and in most cases should be ready in 3-5 working days.

Laminated Safety Glass

Laminated glass is made up of two sheets of glass with a clear resin in between them. The resin sets to a transparent plastic film which, when broken, holds the glass together making it an excellent security glass. This type of glass is carried on our vans and can be cut on site. We carry two thicknesses of laminated glass, 6.4mm and 4.4mm. The 6.4mm version is commonly used in most doors and screens. The 4.4mm however is a lighter glass and can be used in most types of sash windows and lighter doors. So now a 4.4mm laminated glass can be cut on site and used immediately, instead of having to order and wait for a toughened pane to be processed.

White Laminated Safety Glass

In addition we also stock a 6.4mm White Diffused Laminated Safety Glass, as shown above. More information on this type of glass can be found in Products and Services under White Laminated Safety Glass.

Critical Glazing Areas 

The picture above shows the glazing areas that require a safety glass to be used. The law states that under BS6206 and BS6262, a safety glass must be fitted in critical areas in private residences. This law also applies with no height restriction in public buildings such as schools, offices, shops etc. The measurements are taken from the floor, up to the point that the glass starts. This law also applies in older frames, even when ordinary glass was originally fitted.

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