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Misted Sealed Units Replaced in South West London

Misted Sealed Units Replaced.

Pictures above show misted double-glazed units replaced with new ones. The view when looking through the glass unit will appear distorted.

1st Call Glazing can replace the existing misted double-glazed units and fit new units.

Various Double-Glazed Units Fitted.

1st Call Glazing can supply and fit various types of double glazed units, adding Georgian bars and lead designs if required. The units can consist of clear or obscure patterned glass, or even a sandblast effect glass can be used. The units can be fitted in plastic (uPVC), wooden or aluminium frames. Some double-glazed units require replacing because they have been broken, others because they have misted up.

Cat-flaps installed in double glazed units.

Holes can also be made in double glazed units to fit Cat-flaps, vents and even pipes (Please also view ‘Cat Flaps Fitted In Glass’ section) When a hole is made in a double glazed unit, it is usually recommended that toughened glass is used. This process strengthens the glass to make the whole process safer. The holes can even be made in units that required Georgian bars or leaded designs.

Additional information regarding double-glazed units:

Double glazed units are fitted separately into frames and consist of two panes of glass separated by a spacer bar around the perimeter edge. The spacer bars are hollow and filled with a special type of desiccant (Drying Agent) that will absorb any moisture in the unit. Behind this spacer bar is filled with a unit sealant that completely seals around the perimeter edge.

Double-glazed units have to be ordered. The time it takes to process the unit depends on what type of glass is required. Ordinary (Float) clear or obscure glass units usually take between 3 – 4 working days. Units made in toughened or laminated glass usually take between 5 – 6 working days.

In emergencies, when a DG unit has been broken, 1st Call Glazing can board up the window to make it secure again, whilst waiting for a new DG unit to be made. (Please see Boarding Up Service) In some cases the broken double glazed unit can have a safety film applied to make it secure.


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