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Name: Arthur Holden

Location: Raynes Park SW20

Date: 20th April 2015

Comments: I have had Dave from 1st Call Glazing work on our house a number of times. We saw the 1st Call Glazing advert in The Guide, which is a local residents association leaflet we have delivered monthly. Originally we had around 10 double glazed units in our rear bedroom, that had condensation building up in between the panes. Dave ordered the glass and a week later the new panes were fitted. Since then we had a further 8 panes that needed to be replaced in our front bedroom and some new plastic trim above our front lounge window. Most recently we have ordered a further 5 new double glazed units, due to condensation showing. Dave asked me would I mind recommending his work to other potential customers. I have to say I was more happy to write a testimonial and would definitely recommend 1st Call Glazing. It was a worrying problem when we started to get condensation showing inside the double glazed units, as we originally thought that we would require new windows. I’m glad we found 1st Call Glazing in the Guide and it was very handy having this company in Raynes Park. A good local, friendly service.

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