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Vents fitted in glass.

If it’s ventilation in a room you require, 1st Call Glazing can also supply and fit various types of vents that can be fitted in glass. The pictures above show the two main types of vents, 1st Call Glazing stock. The standard corded vents are a very popular type. These types of vents can be fitted in either single glass or double-glazed units and usually come in either 4 inch, or 6 inch sizes. Unlike electric vents, the corded vent doesn’t need to be connected by an electrician. It can be closed and opened using the connected cords, which can also be adjusted in length. Gas regulated vents can also be supplied and fitted, usually if the vent is to be situated near a boiler.


Air Conditioning hoses fitted through glass.

Holes can also be cut in glass to allow air conditioning pipes to fit through. The pictures above show two different examples of air conditioned hoses fitted through the glass panes. The picture at the top shows a glass adaptor (supplied with the air conditioning unit) that 1st Call Glazing fitted. The air conditioning hose was then connected to the adaptor. There are different types of adaptors supplied by air conditioning manufacturers, most of which are designed to fit through walls. So please check that your mobile unit can come with an adaptor that fits through glass.

The picture below the adaptor shows a hole cut in the glass and the air conditioning hole fitted through. This was for a company that didn’t have an adaptor supplied with their air conditioning unit. The hole was cut in a single glazed pane and the air conditioning hose was fed through the hole. A silicone seal was then applied to hold the pipe in position.

Air conditioning pipes can be fitted through both single glazed panes and double glazed units. It must be noted that holes cannot be cut into existing double glazed units. A new double glazed unit would need to be manufactured, with a hole cut. The new unit would require the outer perimeter of the unit and the hole to be sealed.






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