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PVC and Aluminium window hinges

Over the past 20+ years windows have changed dramatically and so have the hinges and handles that work the openers. In most cases, a window that was fitted 10 – 15 years ago would now be discontinued and been replaced with a new design. The same applies to the hinges and handles that would have been initially provided with the old style frames. Some of these can still be obtained from specialist stockists, but we are finding that these products are becoming discontinued.

In many of these cases we are able to resolve these issues by either using one of the more modern products, or by modifying and adjusting the old window to fit the new parts.

There are various types of window hinges for use with plastic (uPVC) and Aluminium windows. The pictures above show just one of the new modern types of hinges (also know as hinge stays) that 1st Call Glazing stock and can be used to replace a discontinued broken hinge.

In most cases hinges need replacing if the window can’t be closed without a gap showing.

Usually the gap is at the top or to one side of the opener and in most cases lets in a draught.

Window Handles


 There are various types of window handles that can be obtained. The pictures above show the main types of window handle that 1st Call Glazing stock. Depending on the window design, the spindle length at the back of the handles that fits into the frame section may vary from 10mm – 40mm. In most cases 1st Call Glazing can adjust the spindle to fit the frame exactly. There are five different colours that 1st Call Glazing stock; White, Brass, Satin Chrome, Chrome and Black. We also stock the Cockspur type of window handles, that are usually found on older frames.

Door Handles

There are also various types of door handles that we stock, or can be obtained. The picture above shows one of the main types of door handle 1st Call Glazing stock.

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