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Cat Flaps fitted in glass in London

Cat Flaps in Glass

With large numbers of cat owners in and around London, cat flaps in glass has become a very popular option.

Cat-flaps can be fitted into single glass, double-glazed units or even into plain in-fill panels situated at the bottom of some PVC doors. There are also various types of cat-flaps available. From a basic four way operated cat-flap, to a more modern microchip cat flap. Above are some pictures showing some of the cat flaps in glass units 1st Call Glazing have fitted. We can even carry out cat flap installation into glass units that have leaded designs or even Georgian bars (as shown above)

Cat Flap installation in double glazed units

When cat-flap installation is required in a double-glazed unit, a new unit needs to be made with a hole cut. Therefore both the external and internal panes need to be made with a hole cut in each pane. The double glazed unit is then put together and sealed around the perimeter. This sealing process is also required around the hole cut for the cat-flap. The new glass unit can then be glazed and the new cat-flap installed. (Pictures above show the hole cut and sealed, then a new microchip cat-flap fitted)

Standard cat-flaps

1st Call Glazing also stock standard cat-flaps when required, instead of the microchip cat-flap. We can supply and fit the standard four-way cat-flap, to fit through double glazed units or single panes of glass. This type of cat-flap in glass matches the hole dimensions of the microchip cat-flap. Therefore, the standard cat flap could be upgraded to a microchip cat flap, at a later date if needed. We also supply and fit a slim-line cat flap when needed. The slim-line cat flap requires a slightly bigger hole size than the standard four-way cat flap. Both types of cat-flap are pictures above.


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