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Frequently asked questions:

Can double-glazed units that are misted up or condensated  be repaired?

Yes, double-glazed units are replaced as one whole unit. New double-glazed units usually take around 4 – 7 working days to order.

Can holes be cut in double-glazed units?

Yes, holes can be cut to allow cat-flaps or vents to be fitted. However, this would require a new double-glazed unit to be made with a hole incorporated.

Can a broken hinge or handle to my old plastic or aluminium window be repaired?

Yes, in most cases they can be repaired or replaced. We stock various types and colours.

 Can I claim for repairs to my broken window on my house insurance?

Yes, your windows are covered under your household buildings insurance. If a double glazed unit has been broken, your insurance will cover us to make the area safe and secure. Making an area secure could involve a safety film covering the broken glass, a temporary board being fitted, or the broken unit being removed and a temporary pane of glass fitted. A new double glazed unit could then be ordered and that process usually takes between 4 – 7 working days. We are insurance approved and our invoice can be used in your claim.

If you fit a double-glazed unit,does it come with a guarantee?

Yes, double-glazed units have a manufacturers guarantee of five years.

Do you supply and fit mirrors?

Yes, we stock sheets of 4mm and 6mm mirrors. If you require mirrors to be fitted quickly, we can cut mirrors on site and rub down any sharp edges using specialist equipment before fitting. This process is very popular as mirrors can be fitted the same day. We will also fit a safety film on the back of the mirror for added protection.

If you require the edges of the mirror to be polished, beveled or holes to be drilled, then that can be processed and would take between 5 – 7 working days.

Where is safety glass required?

Safety glass is required by law to to be fitted in ‘critical areas’ such as in and around doors, below waist level, in roofs, in public areas and buildings, shops, schools etc. Safety film can also be added to an existing pane of glass, to make the glazed area safer.

Do you supply table tops?

Yes, we can supply all types, shapes and designs of table top glass ranging from a basic 4mm toughened safety glass to cover a dressing table, to a 25mm toughened safety glass with beveled edges for heavier tables.

Do you give free estimates?

Yes we can provide a free estimate of the cost of any work before the work starts.

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Please call 1st Call Glazing on 020 8543 5656 or 0800 389 1419 for advice and a quotation.